Emmaus Terms

Compiled March 30, 2006

Agape Acts: Special acts of prayer, sacrifice, and expressions of Christian love on behalf of a Pilgrim by another Christian or group.

Chrysalis: The youth Walk to Emmaus, designed for high school students.

Closing: A closing ceremony following the three-day weekend in which those who attended the Walk to Emmaus are united with the Emmaus community, which greets them and welcomes them into the ongoing life of the Emmaus community in their area.

Day Four (Aso known as Fourth Day or Fourth Days) : All the days following one’s threeday Walk to Emmaus.

Emmaus Community: The gathering of all who have participated in an Emmaus weekend in a given locality for the purpose of rekindling the spirit and friendship of their weekend.

Pilgrims: One who has participated or is participating in the Walk to Emmaus.

Emmaus Group Reunion (Also known as Share Group): A small group of Christian friends who meet to discuss piety, study, and action—three aspects of the Christian life. Members of these groups encourage and challenge each other in their discipleship.

Lay Director: The non-clergy leader who directs the activities during the Emmaus weekend.

Send-Off: The gathering of sponsors and prospective Pilgrims that begins the seventy-two hour Walk to Emmaus.

Spiritual Director: A clergy in residence who guides people in their journey during the Walk to Emmaus, leads liturgical services, and gives talks on the nature and experience of grace.

Sponsor’s Hour: A brief service of prayer for those who are sponsoring persons to covenant their support of the Pilgrims during the Walk to Emmaus. It is held immediately following Send-Off.

Talks: Thematic input during the three-days. Outlines are provided to give the framework of the talks for the Walk to Emmaus.

Walk to Emmaus: A three-day walk with Jesus Christ. It is a short course in the scripture and vital piety that leads to a life of Christian discipleship.

72 Hour Prayer Vigil: An organized vigil beginning at 7:00 PM on Thursday, lasting until 7:00 PM on Sunday. Members of the Emmaus community pray constantly during the time for the success of God’s grace in the lives of the Pilgrims.

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