Angel In The Loft

August 16, 2005

High above I see a vision;

A soft figure in the distance

Sweetly singing

Of God's wondrous love,

The love that fills her

And all those who hear.

There is a glow that

Gently illuminates her face

And warms my entire soul,

My entire self.

How beautiful she is;

Set apart from all others

In her radiance.

I can scarcely take it in,

But I am drawn

At the same time.

Oh the paradox

Of being blinded

And also seeing so clearly.

The haze

That comes to my eyes

Makes me wonder

If I am dreaming

Or if it is real.

It is in this moment

That I become fully aware

Of how much

I have fallen in

And will always be in

Love with

The angel in the loft.