My Little Girl


There she goes again

Running through the grass.

Her body is so full

Of life and energy

Just like her heart and soul.

She spreads her arms

Pretending to fly;

And I know that someday

She will.

I look forward to that day,

Knowing we will soar together.

She runs to me

And throws her arms around me.

I feel the unconditional love

And full acceptance

She has for me

And a smile comes to my face.

I lift her up

To press my check against hers

Knowing that all too soon,

We will do this with her

Feet on the ground.

She tells me

She loves me

And I tell her the same,

Hoping our special bond

Will never be broken.

I set her back down

Somewhat reluctant

To let her go.

As she runs off to play,

I thank God for the gift her has given me,

And for the blessing she is

In my life.