Nature Walk

April 6, 1993

Through the meadow

I wander.

The wind blows


Trying to whisper

Something to me.

I strain to listen,

But still,

I don't understand.

A bird

Makes its sound

In the distance.

I go towards

The noise



So I don't

Scare the bird.

As I walk,

I enter a forest.

The smell of pine

Is strong,

And I fill

My entire being

With its scent.

A deer notices me

As I walk.

It looks at me,


What I am

And what business

I have in

Its realm.

I look back,

Smiling warmly,

And the deer


I hear

The bird again,

This time

From above.

I reel my

Head back

To see.

When the bird

Realizes I'm here,

It flies away,


Of the unknown.

In its hurry,

A feather falls.

I catch it

As it drifts

Towards me.

I hold onto it


But gently

As I finish

My walk

And return home.