The River

June 12, 2004

The river flows this way and that,

Carrying me along with its current.

At times I drift along slowly,

Lying on my back gazing at the clouds.

They seem to smile back at me

As I take in the wondrous beauty.

There are times the water gains momentum.

I swim to keep up;

Being careful to avoid

The rocks and branches along the way.

There are whirlpools and rapids that threaten to drown me.

I struggle to keep my head above the water.

Every gasp for air is a battle.

The water rages as I am tossed about

Without regard to the obstacles that would harm me.

But I know whose hand controls the river.

So I can ride the waves without fear.

For I know His hand will guide me

To the fountain where I will be refreshed,

To the waterfall where I will be cleansed.

And I know that by His hand,

This river will eventually lead me home.