Time Out

March 14, 1993

On the sidewalk

I travel,

Rushing about,

Doing what needs

To be done.

There is

So much

to be done,

I don't think

It's possible to

Complete everything.

Many others

Are walking also.

All of them,

Like me,

Are in a hurry,

Trying to catch life

As it

Passes them by.

My eyes focus

From my watch

To my destination

And back again.

As my eyes

Once again

Go back to

My destination,

I notice something.

A flower,

Growing from

Between the cracks

In the pavement.

I stop.

Struggling to survive,

It lives,


Of all

That is happening

Around it.

Its existence

Is all it knows.

I reach down

So I can take

The flower with me.

But I hesitate,

Realizing that

I do not have the right

To take

All it has.


I go on,

Thinking maybe

Someone else

Will learn what

I have,

From this