The Tale of Rhythmic SaPooder

March 24, 2004

From pitiable beginnings as the only child of slave parents, to being a headlining performer and respected community member, this is the tale of Rhythmic SaPooder.

Rhythmic’s parents were born as Twi’lek slaves owned by Borva the Hutt on Tatooine. From a very young age, both his father and mother were molded for entertaining. His father, Kep, became a musician in the band and his mother, Lunae, became a dancer. As they grew up, a fondness grew between them that eventually blossomed into love. Since family units were strictly forbidden, his parents had to keep their love for each other hidden from their master as well as everyone else. This deception was successful until the day when Lunae’s pregnancy became evident. Upon finding out that Lunae was with child, Borva sent her into a secluded dungeon in his palace. After refusing to reveal her lover, Lunae was instantly sold when the child was born.

The child was placed into the care of Borva’s Mon Calamari chef, one of his most trusted workers. The chef named the child, Oro, and brought him up as his own. Oro admired the chef and learned the tricks of the kitchen as he grew up. As he became older he began to ask his adopted father more and more questions about his parents, questions that could not be answered for fear of Borva’s wrath. He also developed an exceptional longing to leave his home and do something else, he just didn’t know what. When Oro was fourteen, the chef finally began to answer his questions. Oro had long admired the entertainers from a distance. When his adopted father reveled that Kep, the musician, was his real father, and that his mother was a dancer, Oro could hardly contain himself. His unknown longing was to be a performer! The chef quickly arranged a meeting between the two, which would also server as a goodbye as well. Early one morning, while most everyone was still asleep, the chef brought Oro to the garage to meet his father. For some reason, the guards in the area were asleep as well. Kep embraced his son for the first time in their lives. Kep and the chef decided that it would be too risky for Oro to stay with them any longer. Kep then gave his son a slitherhorn and some credits he had acquired as the chef hotwired a speederbike. Oro then changed his name to Rhythmic to honor his parents without revealing their names and sped off to the nearest starport.

Rhythmic went to Tyrena on Corellia to begin his new life. He spent the next several years playing his father’s slitherhorn and sleeping outside the cantina. He also learned to dance as well as how to do hairstyles and makeup for his fellow performers. It was in this venue where he met an architect named Lamon. Lamon lived in a city named Orion Nebula which was quite a few thousand meters away from Tyrena. Rhythmic eventually traveled to Orion Nebula and made his home there. Lamon was also the leader of a local guild called Orion Circle, which Rhythmic joined shortly thereafter. Rhythmic now lives in the Orion Circle Headquarters and is also the manager of the Orion Nebula Cantina. He is one of the longstanding members of the Orion Circle and also performs quite regularly at different venues throughout the galaxy.

It just goes to show that it does not matter where you start out, but it is where you are and where you are going that counts.