Emmaus Pages

Emmaus Terms - Meanings of terms specific to the Walk to Emmaus

AJ's Chrysalis Story - The story of AJ's experience with Chrysalis and the Walk to Emmaus written in January of 2006

Stephen's Emmaus Experience - The story of Stephen's experience with the Walk to Emmaus written in March of 2006

Stephen's Fourth Day Talk - Given at the May 2004 Greater Dayton Emmaus Gathering

Our Emmaus Walks - Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Flights that we have attended


External Links - Additional resources that are not maintained by Puderbaugh.com

The Walk to Emmaus - The Official website at The Upper Room

Greater Dayton Emmaus - The local Emmaus Community we are a part of

What is Emmaus? - From The Upper Room

Tips - Tips for going on a Walk specific to Greater Dayton Emmaus

Upcoming Walks - Upcoming Greater Dayton Emmaus Walks