Keep Christ in the center of all you do each evening

Remember to make everyone comfortable.  Work to develop a spirit of trust and openness.  Be sensitive to the needs of individuals and the group.  Encourage and enforce the guidelines for effective sharing.

The theme and purpose of session 2 is to continue to provide opportunity to share about oneself, but at a deeper level than the first session.  The goal of this session is to move from who we are individually to who we are as a group of fellow followers.

Open with a brief prayer by the leader.

What are your feelings about starting the second week?
When is your birthday and describe one you remember most?  How do you feel about your age?
What is your favorite hobby?
What is the story behind your name and how do you feel about your name?

BREAK (20 minutes)
Remind the group where you will meet next session and ask who will inform any absentees.

When have you felt most loved?
When do you feel lonely?
If you could ask one thing from God, what would it be?

Hand out paper and pencil.  Each person places their name on a slip of paper and then into a bowl.  Each one pulls out a name without revealing who it is.  Each day this week offer prayer for this person.

End with sentence prayers.

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