Remember to open each session with prayer.  It is also a good idea to remind everyone of the rules before each session.

The leader should pay close attention to all the members of the group to assure that they are comfortable, involved, and gaining from the experience.

The purpose and theme continues to be to aid people to move into a trusting group relationship.

What is your favorite food?
What was the first care you ever drove/owned?
What do you remember about the source of heat in the house you lived in as a child?
When did God become a "warm" person for you and how did it happen?

BREAK (20 minutes)
Remind the group where you will meet next session and ask who will inform any absentees.

How do you hope others will see you?
If you knew you could not fail, what is the one thing you would like to do in your life?
How did you start attending your home church?

End with holding hands in a circle and offer brief sentence prayers.

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