The theme and purpose of this session continues to be that of sharing our relationship with Christ.

Open by praying the Lord's prayer together.

Read Matthew 7:7-8.  When have you experienced the power of prayer?
In your relationship with God, do you feel his love in a real and personal way?
Can you recall a time when you received some special religious insight - when you heard his "still, small voice" or an "aha"?
Tell about a time when your life and witness helped another person through a crisis or come to a saving faith in Christ.

BREAK (20 minutes)
Remind the group where you will meet next session and ask who will inform any absentees.

Read James 5:13-16.  If I could bring someone to Jesus for healing, who would it be?
Read Mark 8:22-25.  In what area of your life do you feel the need for healing/helping touch of Jesus?  (The leader records the responses and uses them as a prayer list in preparation for the next session of praying for one another.)
Where do you feel God is asking you to grow?

End by reading Philippians 1:6 and offering sentence prayers expressing thanksgiving for Gods' unceasing labor to complete in us his good work.

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