The purpose of this session is to experience what it means to love one another and to offer ourselves in ministry to one another - to be an active member of the Christian community.

Read I Corinthians 12:12-25.  Open in prayer.  Remind everyone of the guidelines for group sharing.
Hand out paper and pencil.

What good qualities do you see in each person of the group?  Please list them on the paper (7 minutes)
Let everyone share their responses for one person at a time.  The leader may have the person receiving responses sit in the center of the circle.  The receiver may also wish to write down what affirmations a re given to him/her.

BREAK (20 minutes)
Remind the group where you will meet next for the final session and ask who will inform any absentees.

Read Acts 2:37-47.  What quality of the first Christian communities impresses you the most?
How do Christian communities of today differ from those described in the book of Acts.
What qualities do you have to offer our Christian community today?
Read John 13:1-5.  Imagine Jesus stepping into our group right now and ministering to each of us.  How would he minister to you?

Form pairs to listen and pray for one another.  Be open to the length of time needed.  The leader can pair up with a lone member, otherwise be prayerful for the whole group.  The pairs continue to pray for one another until the next session. 
How did ministering to one another make you feel?

Close the session with the group holding hands and singing the Doxology or some other song of praise.

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