To share ourselves and our spiritual journeys so as to bless and encourage one another.

Anyone 19 years of age or older

Whenever there are between six and twelve people who can agree upon a time and location that is workable
with a Fellowship Circle leader.
Seven sessions to be conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Meetings are planned for a two hour time period.

A leader poses a question to which each individual responds.  A person is free to pass on any question.  Also,
each member is asked not to question or comment on another's response

In the homes of the participants or at a mutually agreed upon location

Sample Questions:
What is your favorite local restaurant?
What three things are most important in your life right now?
What is the first car you ever drove/owned?
How do you hope others will see you?
When have you felt most loved by Christ?
When have you experienced the power of prayer?
Where do you feel God is asking you to grow?

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