The purpose of this session is to lift up the benefit of the fellowship of a small group for ourselves and others.  It is also somewhat evaluative.

Begin with a Scripture reading or brief prayer.

What has been the happiest (or one of the happiest) moment of your life?
When were you most frightened?
What has been the most sorrowful moment of your life?
How has it felt to have a prayer partner through the week?

BREAK (20 minutes)

What have you gained from this fellowship?
What "gift" would you give the other persons in this group?  (Example: I would give Zeke the gift of wisdom to help him with his important decision)
What could be done to improve these sessions?
Are there any of you who feel this experience is worthwhile enough to share with and encourage participation by others?
Are there any of you who feel you would be interested in leading a fellowship circle?

This evening should end with a meaningful time of group prayer.  Each person should have the opportunity to express needs for personal prayer and then to have the group pray together for the person.

The leader should pay close attention to all members of the group to make sure no one gets put on the spot where they would be embarrassed or offended.  Make certain all are comfortable.  If everyone is comfortable with prayer by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil, perhaps even a foot washing (whether actual or symbolic - pantomime), would be a significant expression of faith and love.

You may want to keep refreshments until the end of the session, depending on how the sharing goes.  Also, consider the option of a shared meal on Saturday or Sunday before the session so as to maximize your time of sharing and conclude your circle with a significant event.

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