The theme and purpose of this session is to share and develop our relationship with Christ.  The questions should encourage sharing about feelings and attitudes relating to God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.

Open the session with a prayer or Scripture that has special meaning for you.

How did you first come to hear about Jesus?
When did you first trust in Jesus Christ as Savior?
Name one person or event that has helped you deepen your faith in Christ.
What is one of your favorite passages or themes of Scripture?  Why that one?

BREAK (20 minutes)
Remind the group where you will meet next session and ask who will inform any absentees.
Assignment: Send a card to the person you have been praying for as an encouragement.

When have you felt most loved by Christ?
When has Christ felt most loved by you?
Where are you now in your relationship with God?  How can you make your relationship to Him even closer and more personal?

End with leading the group in a model prayer for forgiveness, acceptance of the life offered in Christ Jesus, and a renewal of our first love.  Open to the group for brief sentence prayers.

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